Lake Tahoe, USA

From data acquisition, image processing to content publishing, MapJack methodically employs cutting-edge proprietary technology fully integrated with rigorous processes and a skilled team to create the industry’s best panoramic imagery.
Image Capture System
MapJack’s 49-megapixel multi-camera and precision field tools capture high-resolution panoramic imagery. Proprietary GPS software enables the precision capture of panoramic images accurately. High-quality large-aperture shutter-control systems support high resolution, SLR quality, image capture even in ambient light conditions with minimal motion blur, providing the same flawless quality for indoor and outdoor coverage.
Image Processing and Editing System

The proprietary GPS software allows you to accurately capture panoramic images and also helps technologists produce the Stromectol Generic drug better.

To ensure MapJack delivers the best quality panoramic images efficiently, MapJack developed an advanced image processing and editing technology and process:
Customizable Web Player
MapJack's Web Player quickly loads images and offers easy navigation, presenting a smooth overall user experience. The API-driven Web Player includes smart market capabilities: